10.00×12.00in. | 20 pages

“The hardest thing of all to see is what is really there. Books about birds show pictures of the peregrine, and the text is full of information. Large and isolated in the gleaming whiteness of the page, the hawk stares back at you, bold, statuesque, brightly colored. But when you have shut the book, you will never see that bird again. Compared with the close and static image, the reality will seem dull and disappointing. The living bird will never be so large, so shiny-bright. It will be deep in landscape, and always sinking farther back, always at the point of being lost. Pictures are waxworks beside the passionate mobility of the living bird.”

$40 | (Forthcoming)

11.00×17.00in. | Newsprint

Unfold is a human portrait project, output as newsprint twice per year. It aims to move past a familiar likeness and the personas we uphold and open up a candid voyeur into life as it is by paring portraiture with conversation, an interview of our times.

$20 | (Forthcoming)

6.75×9.00in. | 128 pages

A pivot in size and content, Wild Northeast is the voice and conscience of wildness in the northeast region of the United States. Importing and exporting culture and aesthetic through a timely and important journal.


11.00×17.00in. | Newsprint

August 29, 2019

Dear one,

dear, dear one. Yes it is time to return to your home base – us – your soul seat – your source – your base and launching pad. For here is where the rubber hits the road – here is where you drink deep – here is where you soul gets nourished and replenished. It is good to remember this source as you traverse your earthly path and prepare for your “return date” as David would (or did) say. We welcome you with open ares, know you feel a little off kilter and up in the air – for this is a time of transition – transition from summer to not summer from duo to solo in a way you have not been able to fully embrace with open arms. This transition is FOR YOU.

5.50×8.00in. | 48 pages

A spontaneous journey where the traveller leaves their life behind for a time to let the spirit of place attract and move them. Bi-annual field book for artist/photographer Joe Klementovich to celebrate and distribute his work.